Thursday, July 02, 2015

AAPL Update - #14

Jul 2


AAPL dropped sharply earlier in the week (Mon). The hedges closed at the end of day with significant value. Unfortunately, I was not able close the hedges, and I was thinking that there would be more downside during the week. The end-of-day data is below. It would have been worth about 10pts of gains.

A further decline did not happen this week. The stock rebounded and closed today at 126.44, about 2pts higher than Monday's low.

Volatility may still increase the next week due the Greece financial crisis. If stocks can sell off again, we get another opportunity. There is only 1 more week left on the hedges before expiration, and Friday the market is closed for the July 4th weekend.


No adjustments. Here is P/L (excl. commissions), greeks, and risk curve for the current position going back to the start of Feb 26. Maximum profit remains at the 128 strike.

Graphs and tables are from Optionanalysis(tm)

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