Tuesday, December 01, 2015

AAPL Update #49 (Stock Purchase)

AAPL has been weak in a strong market. SPY close up today 2+pts and AAPL sank and closed at 117.34.

The stock may be undergoing some weakness so I am going to be a little aggressive and roll down the short call to the 117 strike, expiring on Dec 18th. This order will be placed for the market open the following day.

This roll will be placed for a 0.97/c net credit. From this I will be purchasing more shares.

I have a long puts expiring next week on Dec 11 and will continue to hold as protection.

Part 1 - Roll down the short calls.
+7c AAPL 119 @ 1.36
-7c AAPL 117 @ 2.33
Net credit 0.97/c

Part 2 - Purchase shares
+5shrs AAPL @ 117.63