Thursday, May 12, 2016

AAPL 2016 Update #88

I have been behind in the updates so I will be putting several together in an effort to just keep the legs and strikes complete.

Apr 29

AAPL remains weak and is breaking the marked daily demand zone. This will invalidate the zone and price will probably push lower. Here is the trade adjustment.


+8c May W1 96.5 Call @ 0.49
- 8c May W1 94.0 Call @ 1.3475
+8c May W1 92.0 Put @ 0.83625
Net debit: -0.01/c

This will put in a floor on prices with put for the next week at the 92 strike. This trade was done for a slight credit, enough to offset part of the commissions on the trade.

May 2

I am going to tighten up the collar on the position, moving both the long put and the short call closer together. I can do this adjustment in a single multi-leg trade for a small debit.


Call Side
+8c May W1 94 Call @ 0.72
- 8c May W1 93.5 Call @ 0.90

Put Side
-8c May W1 92 Put @ 1.00
+8c May W1 92.5 Put @ 1.22

Net debit: 0.04/c

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