Saturday, September 10, 2016

AAPL-2 Hedged Trade #1 (Opening)

Aug 1

I am starting a new hedged position in the account. I am still going to use AAPL as the asset mostly because it is still very liquid, has great options and is continuing to move.

In reality I am just adjusting from the previous trade closing it out for a $1K profit.

I am going to start with a different number of shares leaving some cash available for the swing trading portion of this account.

This is a new position fully started with my new broker, so commission charges will also be much less than $1 per options leg or stock trade. I will attempt to note commission charges for each trade package.

Over time that will make a difference in the account size.

Opening Trade

+700 shrs AAPL @ 105.04
-7 Aug 12 106 Call @ 0.68

Opening Net debit: 73,052

Total Commissions: $9.00

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