"Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind" - Dr. Louis Pasteur (1854)

Are you a traditional stock investor and see your position down or flat after months or even years of trying? Have you resigned yourself to the investing status quo? If so, you owe it to yourself to learn how to professionally protect, profit, and choose the markets to invest in.

Spending just a few hours each month, you can easily and safely protect (hedge) tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of hard earned investment capital. Become the CEO of your own financial future. And when market events occur that cause your stock to rise and fall, be in a position to take advantage of these market movements. Don't be a passive investor and watch opportunity sail by and not know how to take advantage of it.

A recent case study from 2015 of what you can learn to do ...

Feb 2015 - An opening position of 600 shares of Apple, Inc. (AAPL) valued at $130/share. This is a $78,000 in equity stake in a registered account. 
Sep 2015 - Fast forward six months and prices of Apple (and the markets in general) have declined. Prices for Apple hover around $114
Summary - Without hedging, this position would be down $9600. Instead, the account is positive by $2600 and the number of shares grew from 600 to 721! And all this was done without adding any additional money!
[Update] Feb 2016 - The stock dropped even more during the first few months, but has now rebounded but is still low at $100/share. What has happened to the account? Instead of being up by $2600 from Sept, the P/L is now just over $4000+ and climbing and the number of shares totals 850. Yes - the stock went down even more, the market is still generally flat to down, and the account is now much higher with both profit and shares!

Now think about that for a moment ... the price of the investment declines by $30+/share, yet the account accumulated 250 more shares and is showing a nice profit!

In case your wondering, some of those shares did indeed come from the dividend, about 10-12 shares for an entire year. So yes, while the dividend is nice to have, it a small percentage of the gains. Buy hey - its better than nothing!

This is the power of learning to trade and hedge with options!

In fact, if the stock returns to previous starting price of $130, the position will be worth over $100K. All the while, the price of the stock has gone absolutely no-where! A buy and hold investor would be exactly back to zero and spent an entire year or more wasting time waiting for the stock to rebound.

Now ask yourself if you cannot afford to know how to do this. You owe it to yourself and your family to learn how professional traders protect and build assets in the market.

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